We are all born with innate capacities for healing, connection, and the power to overcome life’s challenges.  Unfortunately, in the course of our human lives, we encounter situations and/or people that are overwhelming.  We all manage to survive, often harrowing experiences, but live with fear, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, being overly responsible, or feeling stuck.

We survive using the best methods we could devise in the moment.  I believe that these strategies that once helped us to survive, now limit and often harm us or others.  Our coping mechanisms are often invisible to us.  However, when we are able to start seeing them as strategies instead of character defects or worse, we are able to turn towards acceptance, healing, and having more choice.  

The foundation of my work is in integrative, experiential therapies.  I love the embodied, mindfulness-based approach of Hakomi.  This method emphasizes the mind-body-spirit connection and organic flow within the therapeutic relationship.  Our bodies hold wisdom and information that is outside of our conscious awareness.  By tapping into this, we have access to powerful healing opportunities.

More recently, I have been studying and loving Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).  AEDP’s foundation is in attachment theory, affective neuroscience, and somatic experiences, and is constantly integrating the current research.  I have witnessed the transformational healing power of AEDP with my clients. 

I bring my tools, training, and personal experience.  You bring your expertise in being you.  Together, we uncover what’s blocking you from becoming who you’ve always wanted to be.

I believe that in order for therapy to be effective, we must be a good fit.  Let’s find out!


Education & Training

  • BS in Psychology, College of William & Mary
  • MS in Sport Psychology, University of Idaho
  • EdS in Counseling Psychology, University of Idaho
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)